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Done in a Day Room Makeover

Can't stand to sit in your family room for one more minute?

Want to make your main bedroom feel like an actual retreat?

Don't want (or need) to buy all new furniture, but need a new look?

Want your room pulled together and finished off by a pro?

This limited time SPECIAL is for YOU!

You get:

Consultation/Design Work Session - We'll come take a look at your space and chat about what you like, don't like and need. We'll come up with a budget for additions if necessary. And we'll take all of the measurements and photographs needed to come up with a plan.

Next, Details will go over the measurements to come up with the perfect floor plan. We'll come up with a plan and we'll pull together some fun new accessories for you!

Then we'll come and arrange your room in it's ideal floor plan and we'll get to work accessorizing and pulling the whole room together.

You come home to a brand new, professionally planned and decorated space for under $2,000!

REST ASSURED that all of the work will be done with necessary safety precautions. We can even do the installation while you are out of the house and if you'd like.