Online Consultation/Design Work Session

$249 USD

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Whether you live locally or across the country an Online Consultation/Design Work Session may be for you if:

***You're frustrated with trying to furnish & decorate your home You don't know where to start, where to shop, or what to buy!

***You're trying to choose the right paint color You grab swatches, hang them on your wall, and still don't know which one is right!

***You're getting your home ready to sell and want it to look it's best! You've heard about Home Staging but don't know where to start

***You just want someone to come in and create your dream home!

***You want to work on your home yourself but need a plan

***You don't know what the heck you need but you know you don't like how your home looks now!

🏃🏻‍♀️You're busy enough without adding decorating, paint selections or home staging to your to do list!

An Online Consultation/Design Work Session is the solution for you!

A Consult with Details is really more of a Design Work Session that is packed with tons of pro ideas and suggestions for your home.

We'll start by first chatting about what you're struggling with and what your design & decorating plans are.

We’ll talk about your likes and dislikes.

We’ll chat about what’s working in your home and what isn’t.

We’ll talk about how you and your family live in your home.

We’ll work on determining your style and your needs.

We'll then go through your space. The difference is that this will be done virtually through Facetime or a similar app.

During our Consult I'll provide you with practical solutions and professional design and decorating advice specific for your home & family.

I'm happy to provide you with any, or all, of the following:

accessory suggestions, window treatment suggestions, furniture arrangement ideas, lighting suggestions and more

I'll write down specific notes and suggestions for your space so that you have them to refer back to and email them directly to you.

After our Consult you may hire Details for Full Service Design or Online Design, complete the project on your own, or anything in between.

We'll chat about that at the end of our Consult.

Online Consults are up to 60 minutes long

You'll also receive a FREE paint eGuide with 10 Foolproof Paint Colors!

For even more info you may go to -

I'm excited to "meet" you and get to work on your project!